Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who is responsible for the comfort of a traveller?

On 29Aug09, we decided to take the train to Bengaluru from Chennai.

The journey from Chennai to Bengaluru takes 6 hrs & 15 mts by a Super Fast train.

While we enjoy train journey going with our near & dear ones, well it turns into a nightmare when you find that the Indian Railway System surprises you with a Fan that is not working, or the Train Ticket Examiner who is supposed to check the tickets of every passenger does not do so especially that of travellers holding no reservation, but yet in a reserved compartment & causing inconvenience, stinking toilets.

A traveller has to plan ahead if he has to go to the toilet, especially if he is sitting in the mid portion of the compartment, or has to bear with contingencies throughout the journey

Southern Railway Public Grievance

Train Journey down south

A plan to enjoy the week end, you plan with just enough time to book a ticket under Tatkal reservation system of Indian Railways, trying to keep all your tools around to ensure that your ticket gets confirmed within the first 3-5 minutes.

You board the train into a reserved compartment only to find to your first surprise that there is this gentleman who thought it not worthwhile enough to book a ticket in advance, but confident that he would find a seat to sit back & relax through the journey.

Be surprised if you do not find people in the pathway squatting, standing, squabbling for space, blocking the doorway of a compartment which is meant for travellers with reservation and here is a glimpse...

You can write to the Public Grievance team of Southern Railways at http://www.southernrailway.gov.in/