Monday, October 24, 2011

Traveller's ride

Feedback to Vigilance of IRCTC
1. Tomato Soups & tea/coffee: The quantity served instead of 150 ml is less than 100 ml for Rs. 10 on Chennai - Coimbatore trains, Coimbatore - Chennai Trains, similarly on Chennai - Bengaluru trains & Bengaluru trains
2. Cleanliness: The food such as Dosas/ vadas/ bread etc touch the hair of the servers/vendors. No pairs of gloves are provided.
3. No menu cards / rate cards are being displayed in compartments, consumers/passengers being taken for a ride, what ever cost stated by irctc vendors, we have to pay
4. Leg of the vendor was on the open tray containing mashed potatoes when he was chopping onion for the next day. Cut onions can be a poison if not consumed immediately.