Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disaster in waiting!!!

Another disaster waiting to happen? A snapshot of Pallavaram Station foot over bridge that poses danger.

Passenger Miss-information system

Passenger Information System, turning into a MISS-information system. A snapshot of a display system at Chennai Central which had a systemic failure at 5:00 am has gone unnoticed by railway authorities even at 14:30 hours in the evening. Should it take hours, who is responsible?

Tray Tables which you cannot use

Mathematics & railway amenities? One may wonder what has mathematics got to do with Railway amenities? This is just a refresher course... Comfort =  Lower amenities/ High Price. Where is the maintenance department? Several tray tables are useless in Chennai - Coimbatore Intercity & Kovai express trains, sometimes, making us wonder what are we paying for? Where is the profit of Tatkal reservations? We do cancel Tatkal tickets for which cancellation monies are not refunded to the commuter, then where does it go and how is it utilised? Public Grievances, Southern Railway

Beware of falling objects!!!!

An Air Conditioned coach on an Intercity train between Chennai & Coimbatore would take you by surprise. I guess if the authorities are waiting for more funds from commuters of the class, or Indian Railways profits are not sufficient enough or the maintenance department of Coaches & rakes do not have time to check for deficiencies in the rakes. Are the authorities waiting for accidents to happen? Who is accountable?Public greivances, Southern Railway

Watch Your Step!!!!

This is a picture that is shot at Pallavaram station, Chennai. I guess these are the steps that need to be used by commuters of the local trains. Broken concrete steps, protruding iron casings for steps do pose a danger to the commuter's life. Commuters not in 100s but in 1000s go through this patch everyday. Thanks to mother nature that rainy days dont last long in Chennai. I am really startled at the thought of the peak hour. Well negligence on part of authorities may prove fatal to many.